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Do you think interior design is just to arrange things nicely? No way! A designer is an engineer, a constructor, a psychologist and an artist. Also a stylist! This work is impossible without a sense of style. All customer’s wishes, technical points and aesthetics are transformed by designer into a beautiful and cozy room interior, and it is a pleasure to be in it! For example, designer Elena Tsareva from Moscow creates beautiful and functional interiors of different rooms: from children's to bedrooms, from living rooms to kitchens. And we admire her sense of style and taste.

Elena Tsareva answered the most important questions about design and shared her design secrets with us.

FACTURA: Have you decided to dedicate yourself to this profession?

Elena: Since childhood I have loved to draw and I entered the College of Architecture without any special training and I graduated from it with honors. Then I went to the University of Architecture, successfully graduated from it too and since 2003 I have been working as an architect in a large research and design institute. And since 2006 I has worked as a leading architect for Arsi A comany, which was dealing not only with buildings design, but also with interiors projects. After gaining experience and realizing that you can bring your personal work to a perfect appearance and to see a result, I decided to start solo career as a private architect-designer. What matters to me is a result, creativity fullfilment, inspiration.

Интерьер спальни с обоями CONCRETE LEAF №1

 Bedroom interior with CONCRETE LEAF wallpaper №1

n style="font-weight:normal">FACTURA: Which project is more memorable for you and why?

Elena: The most memorable projects are those where customer was insanely happy. I think the most memorable project is the one in Maryino, because there were a lot of non-standard "tricks" in the design, such as: "grass" on a ceiling, a mural with the Simpsons on a wall, a “helicopter” shelf, a fireplace as part of a rack, wooden logs in the bar counter, etc. A nice customer who trusted me completely and we ended up with a good result. It is always important to trust a chosen specialist and this in everything, not just in design.



Interior of a teenage girl's room with APPLE FLOWERS wallpapers №1
FACTURA: Where do you get your inspiration for creating interiors?

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