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How to hang FACTURA wallpapers?


How to hang FACTURA wallpapers?

FACTURA wallpapers are easy to hang! FACTURA wallpapering instructions All you need is to buy the necessary tools and follow our instructions.

Tools needed:

  • Press roller
  • Glue for non-woven wallpaper
  • Cutter knife
  • Disposable towels
  • Measure tape
  • Wallpaper spatula
  • Paint tray


Wallpapering instructions::

  1. Check a layout and read an instruction. Compare layout dimensions (width, height) with finished wallpapers dimensions. Everything should match.
  2. Smooth, even and clean wall should be coated with primer 2 days before wallpapering. Use a high-quality primer for wallpapers (not a concentrate).
  3. Mark out a wall.
  4. Prepare a paste. We recommend to use high quality glue for non-woven wallpapers (SEMIN, QUELYD). Glue must be mixed with water according to instructions.
  5. Apply an even layer of a paste only on a wall.
  6. Dry wallpaper sheet is applied to a wall according to marks. Smooth out wallpapers with a disposable rubber roller only. Then apply the second piece of wallpapers and match a pattern.
  7. Wallpaper seam should be smoothed with a plastic roller. Press down a wallpaper seam by a wet towel and go over it with a plastic roller, as shown in the video, to remove paste from a seam.
  8. Turn off the light and illuminate a wall on one side only. This will help to check any remaining bubbles.
  9. Remove bubbles with a disposable rubber roller, wiping bubbles off to an edge.
  10. Leave a wall to dry and check it the next day.



  • Double priming of walls is necessary because dry bulky materials are used, which are very weak for wallpapers to fix on. Coating is diluting when it interacts with a paste. This mixture comes out through wallpapers seams. Properly primed walls have secured coating and wallpapers quickly adheres with a paste and a wall.
  • We recommend to use a ready-made paste which is based on PVA. It is applied with a thin layer so there will be a minimum amount of excess paste coming through seams.
  • When working with FACTURA wallpapers, paste only a wall because wallpapers material is non-woven.
  • A rubber roller can absorb wallpapers ink. Therefore only a disposable rubber roller should be used.


You can download instructions for wallpapering here,  in the "How to paste" section.

Enjoy watching!

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